Snap On – Rapid and Light Wood Construction

What are the potentials in a combination of contemporary manufacturing processes and traditional wood connections?
As part of a two-week student workshop in November 2018, students of the Department of Digital and Experimental Design of the Architecture degree program at the UdK have developed an atmospheric installation of CNC-made wooden elements, which intended to stimulate reflection on a combination of manual and digital practices. Also on display were “eGambiarra”, a project by Takuya Koyama, Kohei Kimura and Mizuki Tanaka, the installation “Joyn Machine” by Studio Milz and the plug-in system “Wood Aggregate” by Dominik Bartkowski and Natalia Stepanova.

Mitsumasa Fujitsuka, photographer, Tokyo
Ludwig Heimbach, architect and 2016 artist in residence of the Goethe Institute in the Villa Kamogawa, Kyoto
Kay Fingerle, architect and photographer
Moderation: Guest Prof. Sven Pfeiffer, Digital and Experimental Design of the Faculty of Architecture, UdK Berlin

Exhibition: 03.-07. December, 10: 00-18: 00

The event was held in cooperation with the Japanese-German Center Berlin, where from November 30 to February 8, 2019, the exhibition “Japan’s masterpieces of wooden architecture”, photographs by Mitsumasa Fujitsuka, can be seen.

“Wood Aggregate” by Dominik Bartkowski and Natalia Stepanova