June 2007, Program Art Gallery, Berlin
Workshop in the Program Art Gallery, Berlin about the development of an energy-autonomous settlement in central Iceland.
Collaborators: Simon Irgens, Einar Thorsteinn, Students of the TU Berlin

When you walk into the space, the first thing you see if a large scale model of a city. The format of the city has been inspired by the geometric pattern that covers the floors and walls of the exhibition room. The layout of the city matches the geometric pattern, and a workstation allows invited guests to develop the model further and add to it during the exhibition. The vision of the city is developed and presented in a physical model. This will grow and become more detailed throughout the exhibition period by absorbing more ideas and solutions. The model gives concrete solutions that can be interpreted by anyone regardless of their professional background. The scale is big enough to show detailed information, and while city models usually focus on strategy and planning, this one aims to also show experiences, design and technology. The Icelandic Oasis will be examined in texts and drawings on wallpaper sized story boards, and the process of developing it will be documented in a film and by a live-write up from the exhibition. The exhibition is a workshop for sketching and prototyping, like a staged architecture office that is in the middle of creating a new tool for habitation and that invites people in to see the process behind and even take part in forming the city of the future.

from the press text