Digital Toolbox @ TU Berlin

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The elective module “DIGITAL TOOLBOX”  in the summer semester 2015 in the Bachelor of Technical University of Berlin, is aimed at students who wanted to deepen their basic knowledge in digital tools. It provides a methodology for design and control of  simple three-dimensional digital architectures. Later in the semester, exercises were offered that provide an in-depth knowledge of digital techniques, which also include algorithmic design techniques. It was primarily developed and tested in three-dimensional space. The aim was to obtain a basic understanding of the complex relationships between digital tools and the architectural design process. The  3D modeling software Rhinoceros represented the main interface between three-dimensional work in the design and creation of documents for construction, model and layout. In the exerciseshe participants were introduced to digital design practices that were applied in parallel design projects. The model should serve as a spatial system by variation of parameters to create alternatives.