msa muenster school of architecture
Winter Term 2004-05

After the large scale projects of the former semesters, our 2004/05 bachelor seminar’s topic was housing and its normative aspects. The polemic title “Architecture of Fear” addressed the oppressive impacts of the multitude of norms implicit in housing design on the way we live and perceive our environment, thereby questioning the idealistic idea of the detached house as an ultimate shelter.

Our aim was to take a fresh look at housing design and to challenge and rethink existing forms of standardization by developing “generic tools” that can produce wide ranges of specific manifestations and the further development of these manifestations into housing prototypes based on specific requirements. Again, our aim was not primarily a finished product but to introduce s oftware tools and diagramming techniques into the architectural discourse. “Architecture of Fear” continued the research-oriented work of the former seminars, investigating the tension between a generic conception and the needs and interdependencies of a specific solution.