Mirage Village Exhibition

Exhibition at the Kyoto Art center, a former school building in Kyoto from August 25 to Sept 01 2017. The exhibition included works by Dot architects, Hiroshi Kato, Benjamin Lafore and Sébastien Martinez Barat, Yo Shimada and Ludwig Heimbach, who each designed a temporary pavilion. The pavilions were built as practical public spaces after repeated meetings across the countries, including a public symposium along with architectural historian Taro Igarashi.

We created a bouldering pavilion consisting with concavely punched plywood. On the final day, the whole perforated pavilion was “diced” as planned. As the name ‘risky playground‘ suggests, the works intended to playfully engage with ‘the potential danger of playgrounds‘ that Japanese public space generally excludes. The types of pavilions mutually stimulated one another and as a whole, creating a village.

All images courtesy of Omote Nobutada